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    EyeMynd Quantum Computers

    At EyeMynd Quantum Computers, we are developing a new type of Physical Exact Quantum Computer; that does Not rely on the 96-year-old "Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics".


    Today in 2023, we are actively developing a new improved "Physically-Exact Interpretation" of Quantum Mechanics; that does Not rely upon the tired old Copenhagen "Quantum Superposition", nor upon the bewildering old Copenhagen "Wavefunction Collapse", in any way whatsoever.


    We are employing our new scientific insights, to develop a powerful new way of electromagnetically-stabilizing all our precious Quantum Bits (QuBits), to achieve super-stable coherence times, that can approach near-infinitiy, in their number of quantum spin cycles, for all of our trillions of Computational Physically-Exact Qubits.


    In order to make all of these powerful, new, progressive quantum strides, we have been deeply investigating the Logical and Physical Foundations of Quantum Physics, Quantum Structure, and Quantum Entanglement between elementary particles.


    We fully expect, that our new Physical-Exact Quantum Computers, will become the most powerful, most accurate, most useful, and the most stable Quantum Computers here on Earth, in the near future.


    We are diligently working with our super-intelligent scientific partners, to develop a uniquely-stable new kind of physically-exact, fully-deterministic quantum computer, to run our powerful new Human-Brainwave Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets; with our advanced human brainwave sensors, to help all humankind (of Earth) awaken to the self-liberating realization, that we (the precious mortal human beings of Earth) are all living inside a big (our whole physical universe) virtual-reality simulation, that is neural-network (multiplayer) hosted, within our very own real human brains.


    At EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute, we are also helping some leading quantum computing companies, to create all the necessary scientific and technological improvements, to fully-stabilize all of the delicate little quantum bits (qubits) that reside inside their powerful new quantum computers.


    We are also helping these visionary quantum computing companies to accelerate the development of a powerful new type of Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QEigen AI), including some key components of our new EyeMynd Quantum Brain Operating System (Quantum BoS).


    We are actively helping these forward-looking quantum computing companies, to make their progressive technological strides, towards increasingly powerful new kinds of quantum computers, and the futuristic corresponding Strong AI, that will be hosted and running on these fast stable quantum computers, that may one day even become aware, like us.


    Our new Quantum BoS, running on appropriate combinations of classical computers and quantum computers, will spontaneously examine and understand your live-streaming optical brainwaves in real-time, to continuously fine-tune itself, to the individual uniqueness of your personal living human brain.


    This Quantum BoS will allow us to create an Artificial Brain that mimics a real human brain. This will open the door to a future type of Strong AI, that can develop good understanding like a real human being.


    This will make possible very advanced future products and services, for all of us precious human beings, with a broadening-spectrum of mortal human brain types.


    We are helping the quantum computing companies to make their timely technological strides, to develop their powerful new quantum computers, to support all the good helpful positive enlightening types of human-machine Artificial Intelligence.


    Also, at our EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute, we are deeply investigating our new 2023 Scientific Hypothesis; that our entire Physical Universe (of galaxies, stars, planets, and us mortal-human avatar people of Earth), is an advanced multiplayer virtual reality platform, that is principally composed by the real dark matter particles (our real dark scalar bosons), and their composite elementary particles (including photons, electrons, protons, and neutrons), that are each individually neurally-simulated (via our real neural pulses), deep inside our real limbic daydreaming tissues, that wirelessly connect to each other, via our real neural network of our real human brains.


    Our primary intention for all these positive scientific, and technological quantum human brainwave advances, is that they will help mankind discover an increased mutual awareness, and heightened appreciation of human brain understanding (of every type of human brain), that will then empower us all to act more wisely, with greater compassion, to free all human beings from worldwide economic drudgery, to pursue meaningful lives of joy, peace, and adventure.


    We believe the only good purpose of science and technology, is to increase human understanding, to empower individual freedom, to fully-support every form of human life, to promote personal joy, and to thereby enable mutual happiness for all.


    The best purpose of science is to solve world poverty for everyone on Earth.


    This is our only purpose.


    Will you join with us in this good purpose?



  • Your EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses for your Smart Future!

    Introducing our EyeMynd Brainwave Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets, and our EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses

    We are currently developing some initial wearable test products to help us improve and fine-tune our early beta version of our new EyeMynd Quantum Brain Operating System (Quantum BoS).


    All of our initial beta test products employ our very advanced new EyeMynd Quantum Brainwave Sensors.


    Our first Quantum BoS products include our EyeMynd Brainwave Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets with our comfortable soft brainwave sensors, and our EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses with our active-scanning optical human brainwave sensors.


    We are making some important improvements to these initial products before we begin our first worldwide beta test.


    Please let us know if you would like to be a beta tester, or a strategic technology partner.

  • Your EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses for your Smart Future!

    Introducing our EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses.

    Your personal human optical brain-activity signals will be carefully measured by your pair of EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses, and then intelligently-interpreted by our EyeMynd Quantum Brain Operating System (Quantum BoS) that will become finely tuned, tailored, and customized to continuously adapt itself to the individual uniqueness of your own human brain.

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    Our Mission at EyeMynd Quantum Brains

    We are seeking the Most Creative People in the world for our upcoming Beta Test of our EyeMynd Brainwave VR Headsets and our EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses.

  • Meet our EyeMynd Team of Quantum Human Brains!

    Meet our EyeMynd Quantum Team of Talented Scientists, Creative Engineers, Innovative Doctors, Thought Leaders, and EyeMynd Quantum Brainwave Technology Experience Developers

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    Dr. Daniel Reed Cook

    Founder and CEO of EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute

    A whole decade ago, in May 2013, Dr. Daniel Reed Cook originally founded EyeMynd, to computationally-animate artificial human avatars, with live, digital-streaming, human brainwave patterns, for the productive benefit of all humankind here on Earth.


    Now currently, today in 2023, Dr. Cook is diligently working with his talented team, of super-intelligent scientists and brilliant engineers, to develop this world's first trillion-qubit, exact, fully-deterministic quantum computer, to host EyeMynd's new Exact Quantum AI Technology, to construct all the Exact Quantum Brains, that will be able adaptively-animate, all the intelligent service robots of the future, here on our precious little planet Earth.


    On September 22, 2019, Dr. Cook's futuristic vision for EyeMynd was greatly-broadened even further, to accelerate key foundational developments of advanced new exact quantum computers, to create artificial brains (to animate future robots) that mimic the functional behavior of real living human brains, to liberate all mankind from economic slavery, by helping us all to solve world poverty for everyone on Earth.


    On November 1, 2020, Daniel Reed Cook, Ph.D. began developing a new, foundational, structural theory of exact, physical, dynamic elementary particles, to fully-stabilize (and properly control) quantum bits (qubits), to enable the development of the world's first fully-deterministic (and completely-exact) quantum computers, that will make possible the creation of an advanced new type of Quantum Eigenvector Artificial Intelligence (QEigen AI), that will sit inside the future heart of our EyeMynd Quantum BoS.


    In September 1969, as a first grade student in his elementary school, Dan Cook began experimenting extensively with two large powerful magnets, and some small magnets; causing him to begin to Wonder Greatly about the Marvelous Magnetic Force, that seemed to strongly pull these magnets together. He is still wondering (and marveling greatly) about this Marvelous Magnetic Force of Nature.


    In July 1981, as a teenager, Dan Cook started dreaming about the possible future benefits, of flowing his own personal human brainwaves into his Apple II Computer, while he was studying Human Physiology (and Human Neurophysiology) at the University of Utah.


    In May 1993, Dr. Cook received his Ph.D. in Physics from The University of California at Berkeley.


    From 1986 to 1993, while at Berkeley, Dan deeply studied the Logical Foundations of Quantum Physics, and the Mathematical Structure of Semi-Classical (Semi-Quantum) Mechanics, applied to Theoretical Plasma Physics.


    In 1994, Dr. Cook completed his postdoctoral research in Cognitive Neuroscience at The University of California in San Diego (UCSD). While studying at UCSD, Dr. Cook began to explore some new methods, to adapt the powerful mathematics of Quantum Physics, to automatically map, and fully-decode, the extreme complexity of live human brainwave signals.


    On July 20, 1995, Dr. Cook founded Thoughtform Corporation to develop Advanced Human Brainwave-Pattern (Thought-Form) Discovery Software, to benefit all mankind, by helping us all to better understand the uniquely wonderful power, of our very own precious human brains.


    On April 24, 1997, Dr. Cook, and his scientific team, filed their first Human Brainwave Signal Interpretation Engine Patent, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This initial 1997 USPTO human-brainwave technology patent, laid a broad scientific foundation, for many advanced new brainwave products, that will be developed worldwide during the next few decades.


    From 1995 to 2023, Dr. Cook has been working with his team of talented scientists, and creative engineers, to develop a powerful new type of quantum computing human brainwave technology, to automatically map, decode, and interpret the functional activity of the human nervous system in real time, to create our EyeMynd Quantum BoS, to help us create an artificial brain (to animate helpful robots), that can learn to precisely mimic a real human brain, to help us to sucessfully liberate all mankind from forced-economic slavery.


    In 2019, Dr. Cook and his talented scientific team, began developing some key quantum physics coherent-control technologies, to greatly increase qubit coherence times, to help stabilize many new types of emerging quantum computers, to prepare them to run key portions of our new EyeMynd Quantum BoS.


    In 2023, our new EyeMynd Quantum Brains technology platform, includes our Quantum Brain Operating System (Quantum BoS) for Deep Explorations of the Mortal Human Avatar Brain, and the Living Human Mind.


    Also in 2023, we are actively filing additional quantum computing patents, as we prepare to start our Worldwide EyeMynd Quantum BoS Beta Test, with our new EyeMynd Brainwave VR Headsets, and our new EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses; all to be powered by our new quantum AI brainwave sensors, and by our new stable exact quantum computers on a human headset chip.




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    David Traub

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Creative Executive Producer

    In 2015, David Traub began working with Dr. Cook and serving as the Creative Executive Producer of EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute.


    David was the Virtual Reality Consultant for the Futuristic 1993 Virtual Reality Film, The Lawnmower Man.


    David Traub has earned undergraduate degrees in Rhetoric and Film with Honors from The University of California at Berkeley.


    Mr. Traub has won many awards for his original and creative work exploring the frontiers of unique human experiences.


    David has over 30 years of experience as an Award Winning Executive Producer for a wide range of creative projects that artistically combine playful creativity, visionary futurism, and a deep compassion for humanity.


    For multiple decades, David Traub has been working as a Award-Winning Executive Producer, Visionary Educator, and Venture Catalyst to many exciting projects, startups, institutions, multi-nationals, and governments.


    David's 1989 Harvard University Masters Thesis was about the design of a Psychodynamic VR Holodeck, with studies at the MIT Media Lab.


    Mr. Traub's second 2nd Virtual Reality Project was THE LAWNMOWER MAN Movie as the VR Consultant and the Display Graphics Producer.


    This first big VR Movie introduced Virtual Reality to millions of viewers worldwide in 1993, and hinted at what will soon be possible with our new EyeMynd Quantum BoS Human Brainwave Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets, in our exciting societal future, here on this little mortal earth planet.


    Mr. Traub and Dr. Cook have been working together at EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute, to transform David Traub's brilliantly-prescient 1993 vision, into our mutual human-reality of today!




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    Dr. Gang Fang

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute VP of China Operations

    Dr. Gang Fang is our VP of China Operations for our EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute.


    When Dr. Fang first met Dr. Cook in May 2015, they both quickly realized that they shared a strong desire to work together, to develop and commercialize advanced human brainwave technology, for the benefit of all of mankind, in every country of this world, including China.


    China is rapidly becoming a major world leader in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and quantum computing.


    Dr. Gang Fang has decades of excellent senior executive leadership experience, with a broad variety of interesting companies in Asia, Europe, and North America, in many advanced technological fields.


    Dr. Fang earned his Master of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics, from the Xian Jiaotong University, in Xian, China in April 1985.


    Dr. Gang Fang then traveled to Europe, and completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics in March 1993, in the Science of Coding Theory, from the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, Holland, in the Netherlands.


    Dr. Fang then served as the Managing Director of Fangda China House in Eindhoven, Holland, from 1994 to 1997, where he helped establish business in China, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, and in the Netherlands.


    Dr. Gang Fang then became the General Sales Manager, Great China of Advanced Ceramic and Modules (ACM) of Philips Components, in Mainland China, and in Hong Kong, from 1997 to 1999, where he supervised Electronic Components Sales of Capacitors, Resisters, and Magnetic Products, for this well-known Dutch Electronics Company, with many customers including Motorola, Siemens, Philips, Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, and other leading electronic board assembling companies, from Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


    Dr. Fang then served as the Country Manager for ASML (China) Company, Ltd. in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Beijing, China, from 2000 to 2002, where he acted as the China Project Leader for this well-known Dutch Company in the Semi-Conductor Industry, with customers that included Motorola, SMIC, GSMC, Belling, ASMC, Qinghua University, and other major chip producers in the Semiconductor Industry of China.


    Dr. Gang Fang then became President of Tianfa Petroleum Company, Ltd. in Shashi, Wuhan of Hubei, in China from 2002 to 2004 where he lead a Chinese Public Stock Company with 1600 employees.


    Dr. Fang served as Managing Director Great China of a German Property Management Company called Dussmann Property Management Company, Ltd. (China) in Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan, and Liaoning China from 2004 to 2005 where he lead 1,300 employees doing services in 8 different cities of China, with 6 legal entities and one Joint Venture in Beijing.


    Dr. Gang Fang was the CoFounder and Managing Director of Allen China House of Eindhoven, Holland in the Netherlands of Europe from 2005 to 2010 where he supervised the trading of environmental protection systems.


    Dr. Fang served as The Chairman of The Board and President of Oriental Energy Company, Ltd. of China from March 2007 to December 2008 where Dr. Gang Fang supervised a successful 2008 IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Shenzhen Stock Trading Code: 02221) for this LPG Importing, Storage, Trading, and Domestic Distribution Company.


    Dr. Gang Fang was Chairman and CEO of Anterra Energy Inc. of Calgary, in Alberta Canada from 2010 to 2017, where he lead this Publicly-Traded Upper-Stream Oil and Gas Company.


    Dr. Fang has developed a whole mortal lifetime of valuable human experiences, leading business teams in sales, win-win negotiations, key communications, multidisciplinary cooperation, multicultural understanding, and in leading his teams with his brilliant hands-on, business-oriented, strategic methods.




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    Robert Hatch

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute VP of Business Development

    Robert Hatch is our Vice President of Business Development at EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute.


    Dr. Dan Cook and Robert Hatch become good friends in 2008.


    Robert has traveled to many countries and met with many interesting people in his creative quest to find the brightest people, best ideas, and most advanced technologies to solve the world's problems.


    Robert Hatch is a visionary strategic thinker with extraordinary communication skills and deep compassion for all humanity.


    Mr. Hatch has won many prestigious awards for his Innovative Creations including dramatic films, documentaries, and advertising projects.


    Robert Hatch has very strong talents in the areas of Strategic Business Development and Successful Project Leadership.





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    Unique Zhang

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute of Beijing Ventures Adviser

    Unique Zhang is the Beijing Ventures Adviser of our EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Branch in Beijing China.


    Unique received his Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Cambridge University in The United Kingdom.


    Mr. Zhang has been an Investment Professional for over 12 years as the Partner or General Manager of Four Different Venture Capital Funds.


    Unique Zhang has served as the Strategy Investment Director at World's 500 Fortune, and as The Managing Director of a Cross-Board Investment Bank.


    Unique has successful track record of assisting in the financing of over 20 Strategic Investment Deals totaling over a Billion US Dollars.


    Unique Zhang has worked in the Strategic Investment Sectors of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.


    Unique has participated in the financing of the Magic Leap C Round Investment, and The Optitrack Merger and Acquisition.


    Mr. Zhang is also a talented technology presenter, and a visionary futuristic thinker.





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    Jasmine Shih

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Silicon Valley Ventures Leader

    Jasmine Shih is our Silicon Valley California New Ventures Leader of EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute.






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    Randy B. Goodrich, P.E.

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Applications Engineer


    Randy Goodrich and Dan Cook have been good friends since the 1970's.


    Randy and Dan both share a common vision of using the living human brain, and their advanced new quantum computing technologies, to discover many creative ways to help human beings understand themselves more completely, so we can all help each other much better.


    In 1992 Randy Goodrich earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Weber State University.


    Mr. Goodrich speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, and has been working as a Registered Professional Engineer for decades in multiple states.


    Randy B. Goodrich, P.E. has received multiple prestigious awards for his Professional Engineering work in many capacities.


    Mr. Goodrich has a lot of valuable experience in many areas of Advanced Applications Engineering.




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    Paul Hoyt

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Strategic Business Adviser

    Paul Hoyt is our EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Strategic Business Adviser.


    When Paul met Dr. Cook in December 2013, they discovered they had similar goals to liberate the creative spirit of mankind, through improved self understanding, and advanced human brain technology.


    Paul Hoyt is President of the Hoyt Management Group. A business consultant and coach, he has over 40 years’ experience leading teams to improved profitability and productivity.


    Paul is an expert at helping new and growing businesses develop and implement their growth plans.


    Paul is the author of two business books: The Foundation Factor® - Critical Measurements in Business Strength (2004), and The Capital Coaching Program (2010), which helps entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of raising capital.


    Mr. Hoyt is also the author of the Business Survival Boot Camp and Beyond Business Survival CEO Training Programs, and the best-selling author of an inspirational book, The First Light of Joy.




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    Jack Wang YunXiang

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute of Xian Branch Manager

    Jack Wang YunXiang is the Branch Manager of our EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Branch in Xian China.


    Jack first met Dr. Cook in Xian on November 9, 2016, and they discovered they shared a strong mutual interest, in helping people understand their own human brains well enough to open up many new possibilities, for bright futuristic adventures of the human mind.


    In 2010, Jack Wang received his Design and Information Technology Degree from The University of Chang An in Xian China.


    Jack Wang has served as the CEO of Dream Dragon Technology Company, the CTO of Northwest Design Institute Group, and served as a Project Manager at the China Architecture Shanghai Disney Project.


    Mr. Wang has also worked as a Design and Information Technology Developer at the Canada Pan-Pacific Architectural Design Company.


    Jack Wang YunXiang has received numerous prestigious awards at various Entrepreneurship Competitions including a Silver Prize at the China Creative Competition, and a First Place Prize at the China America Competition.





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    Lee Xin

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute of Xian Assistant Manager

    Lee Xin is the Assistant Manager of EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute in Xian China.


    Lee met and began working with Jack Wang, prior to meeting Dr. Cook on November 9, 2016 at an Innovative Technology Conference in Xian.


    Lee Xin received his Japanese and Information Technology Degree from Xian International University in 2010.


    Lee has helped Jack Wang manage Dream Dragon Technology Company, and has 3 years experience working with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


    Mr. Xin has 4 years experience working as a Senior Developer with the Unreal Engine.


    Lee Xin has strong interpersonal relationship skills and good leadership skills. Lee has the ability to inspire his developers to cooperate together and solve complex problems as a productive team.




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    V Owen Bush

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Creative VR Consultant

    V Owen Bush is our EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute Creative VR Consultant in Troy New York. Dr. Cook and Mr. Bush became good friends in China in May 2016.


    V Owen Bush is a creator and entrepreneur who uses immersion and participation to create transformative social experiences. His works have been seen worldwide in venues such as digital planetariums, live concerts and events, IMAX 3D, broadcast television, mobile devices, VR, AR and the web.

    Owen is a pioneer in interactive, experiential and immersive design with early projects including: Pseudo Programs Inc., MTV’s AMP, QUIET!/We Live In Public, SonicVision at the Hayden Planetarium, and the Molecularium Project at Rensselaer.

    Mr. Bush is a co-founder of Glowing Pictures, a

    ​visual experience company whose work includes live events, televised concerts, music videos, commercials, immersive experiences, brand activations and visual performances. Glowing Picture's clients include Google, Twitter, Wired, MTV, The American Museum of Natural History, The New Museum and the Cooper Hewitt Museum​.

    I​n 2015 , V ​Owen Bush co-founded the Mobile VR company Daydream.io and served as CEO and creative director.


    Daydream.io rebranded as SpaceoutVR after Google purchased the Daydream brand in 2016. The Spaceout.VR app for Android and iOS had over 800,000 downloads and was a leading content distributor for Mobile VR.


    In 2018 SpaceoutVR was acquired by a publicly traded company.


    In 2018 Owen co-founded the Reality Capture company Hudson Virtual Tours.


    wikipedia //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V._Owen_Bush




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    Jade Jiang

    EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute of Shanghai New Ventures Leader

    Jade Jiang is our New Strategic Ventures Leader of EyeMynd Quantum Brains Foundational Physics Research Institute in Shanghai, China.




  • EyeMynd Quantum Brains Technology to Automatically Map and Decode Human Brain Activity

    Dan Cook at The University of California at Berkeley

    Dan Cook at UC Berkeley

    Our Founder & CEO Dan Cook at The University of California at Berkeley describes the advanced nature of our FastAccurate ERI EyeMynd Human Brainwave Technology.

  • EyeMynd in The Guardian UK

    Virtual Reality Powered by ... our Minds? 10 Years from now, it will seem Obvious. - by Dan Raile of The Guardian UK on November 12, 2016

  • FastAccurate EyeMyndPong

    Play EyeMynd Pong with your Brain and Face!

    Play EyeMynd Pong with your Brain

    EyeMynd Pong can be played with a number of different brainwave headsets, including a 14 Channel Emotiv Epoch Headset, with our FastAccurate ERI EyeMynd Human Brainwave Technology to continuously interpret a combination of human brainwaves and facial muscle waves.


    Notice that the ping pong paddle Position Accuracy is Pretty High, and the paddle Movement Speed is Pretty Fast.


    We are currently improving our FastAccurate ERI EyeMynd Human Brainwave Technology to make it even More Fast, More Accurate, and More Versatile.


    We are also improving our FastAccurate ERI EyeMynd Human Brainwave Technology to make it Automatically Self-Tune and Self-Calibrate to Any Human Brain, and Any Human Face, in Mere Minutes.

  • Building Babies Brains

    Brazil's audacious plan to fight Poverty using Neuroscience and parent's love - by Jenny Anderson of QUARTZ on June 29, 2018

  • EyeMynd Quantum Brainwave Live Human Avatar

    Animate your Own Human Avatar in Virtual Reality using your very own Uniquely Intelligent Human Brain Activity.

    EyeMynd Quantum Brainwave live human brainwave avatar animation

    You can animate your Own Avatars inside Virtual Worlds with our New EyeMynd Brainwave Sensors placed inside our New EyeMynd Brainwave Virtual Reality Headsets.

  • Our First Human Brainwave Technology Patent in 1997

    On April 24, 1997 we filed our first Human Brainwave Signal Interpretation Engine Patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


    Since 1997, we have filed many additional patents covering newer portions of our Brainwave Signal Interpretation Engine, and our powerful new EyeMynd Quantum Brain Operating System ( Quantum BoS):


    1997 Brainwave Patent Example 1: Video Game Control via Brainwave Mind State Interpretation


    1997 Brainwave Patent Example 15: Integrated Background MindState Interpretation and MindMouse Control Applications that are Virtually Transparent to the Computer User

  • Quantum Phase-Space Action Conservation for Quantum Computer Wave-functions & Qubit-Qubit Entanglement Coherent Control

    In 1993 we published a mathematical article in Physics Letters about Phase-Space Action Conservation for a very General Class of Non-Eikonal Wave Fields showing that Quantum Wave Action is always conserved for all Quantum Systems including all Quantum Computers.

  • EyeMynd in BGR

    Interview: Can VR help us Understand what it means to be Human? - by Andy Meek of BGR on December 14, 2016

  • The Neuroscience of Human Poverty

    The Neuroscience of Inequality: does Poverty show up in Children's Brains? - Mike Mariani of The Guardian UK on July 13, 2017

  • Can Human Brain Understanding Solve Poverty?

    Can Advanced Human Brain Understanding Help The Humanity Party Solve Worldwide Poverty during our Lifetimes?

  • Blood Brain Barrier Timecourse Revealed with ERI EyeMynd Brainwave Technology

    In 2012, we published an article in The Anesthesiology Journal titled "AZD - 3043: A Novel, Metabolically-Labile Sedative/Hypnotic Agent with Rapid and Predictable Emergence from Hypnosis" that shows that our ERI EyeMynd Brainwave Technology can accurately measure, from Streaming EEG Data Alone, just How Fast a new drug will cross the Blood Brain Barrier and Enter the Brain, and also Reveal the Timecourse for the drug to Exit the Brain. 

  • EyeMynd in Digital Trends

    EyeMynd is building a Virtual Reality System you control with your Brain. - by Luke Dormehl on November 22, 2016 in Digital Trends

  • Many Novel Electroencephalographic (EEG) Analysis Methods

    For decades we have been developing Many Innovative and Novel Electroencephalographic (EEG) Analysis Methods, including Brain Event Resolution Imaging (ERI) to Map, Decode, and Interpret Complex Patterns in Very Noisy Brainwaves.

  • EyeMynd in Live Mint

    What if this is all a dream? - by Dustin Silgardo of Live Mint on November 25, 2016

  • EyeMynd Quantum Brains FAQ

    Try our Uniquely Intelligent Brainwave Sensors for the Uniquely Intelligent Human Being that you are.

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    You Own Human Brain Journey

    Try Our Uniquely Intelligent Brainwave Sensors

    Become one of our valued EyeMynd Quantum Brains Beta Testers, so you can explore and experiment with your own human brainwaves to create new human experiences with our Uniquely Intelligent Brainwave Sensors, Comfortable EyeMynd Brainwave Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets, Fashionable EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses, and our new EyeMynd Quantum Brain Operating System (Quantum BoS) as you venture to explore the vast uncharted territory of your very own uniquely intelligent Mortal Human Brain.

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    A Heroic Human Journey into your own

    Mortal Human Brain

    Explore Your Own Intelligent Brain, and venture to new places with your very own personal Human Brainwaves.

  • Sign Up to BETA TEST our EyeMynd Brainwave Sensors, EyeMynd Brainwave Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets, EyeMynd Brainwave Glasses, and our New EyeMynd Quantum Brain Operating System (Quantum BoS).

    Our Exclusive Worldwide EyeMynd Quantum Brainwave Beta Test Program will be launching soon. You can sign up today to become one of our Valued EyeMynd Quantum Brainwave Beta Testers!


    Please tell us Why you are ready to explore the Human Brain & Human Mind, and What you want to create with our New EyeMynd Quantum Human Brainwave Exploration Technology Tools.